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National AD/HD Alternative Association

The National AD/HD Alternative Association (N3A) is a national nonprofit organization formed to support a more balanced, science-based, “drugs as last resort” approach to AD/HD (formerly known as Attention Deficit Disorder/Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder), associated depression, autism (ASD) and coexisting disorders. N3A is not “anti-drug”, but believes that drugs, which all have powerful side effects, and which do little or nothing to treat the actual cause of the disease, should be used only after thoroughly exploring other options.

The fact is that drugs actually mask the symptoms, making proper diagnosis and the treatment even more difficult. Parents need to be aware of current research, such as the FDA’s concern about Ritalin-related deaths. When drugs are used as a last resort, they should normally be used only with other intervention strategies, e.g. counseling, dietary strategies, cellular nutrition, exercise, and meditation/prayer. We promote, in words and in deeds, an integrated approach, not a pharmaceutical-dominated approach.

Brain chemistry can usually be improved to near normal via proper dietary interventions, cellular nutrition, exercise, and meditation/prayer.

The National AD/HD Alternative Association was recently formed to support the countless and growing number of parents, teachers, and health care professionals seeking safe alternatives to powerful psychotropic medications.  As an alternative help and support network, N3A is dedicated to facilitating a grass-roots establishment of as many “local chapters” as possible throughout the U.S. and Canada and is seeking like-minded volunteers to assist as coordinators.

Uniquely, N3A is a membership organization, but has no membership fees, no paid personnel, and is 100% volunteer-based. We publish no magazines, have no annual conference (yet), and accept no government or special interest financial support.

Our intent is to provide local help and support for parents, teachers, and health care professionals who seek a safer, more integrated, and less drug-centered (or controlled) approach. Our ever-changing website and well qualified resource links will continue to be refined in order to facilitate more effective communication, local support, and the latest research information that you can trust. We look forward to hearing from you.

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