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“Support” is an easy word to say, but a difficult commitment to fulfill.  We recognize that and therefore must rely largely upon the strengths and gifts that lie within our diverse membership - empowering assets that, through sharing, can be synergistically magnified with amazing results. Giving is truly receiving, and those that need to receive assistance today will undoubtedly be the “givers” of tomorrow.

N3A, which is a 100% volunteer-based organization, utilizes three basic delivery mechanisms for support. These systems include the internet, primarily for disseminating information and facilitating two-way communication; the telephone for matters of urgency and local communication; and local, grass-roots “gatherings” or meetings.

Our links feature quality resources, and our website may change frequently, potentially offering live, two-way, interactive webcasts; PowerPoint presentations, guest speakers, training opportunities, and more. Visit this site often.

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