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Strategy For Success

1. Gather information (on-going).

2. Get involved.

3. Understand that “it's a family thing”.

4. Be realistic.  Issues do not develop overnight, and they are seldom solved overnight.

5. Start simple and safe.

  • At home, improve lifestyle choices.
    • Cellular nutrition (critical).
    • Foods that do NOT spike blood sugar.
    • Regular, modest exercise.
    • Elimination diets, if necessary.
    • Reunite your family.  Make it a “family thing”.

  • At school.
    • Work with and support school staff.
    • Know your legal rights.
    • Do not be prematurely “pushed” into drugs.
    • Volunteer to help.
    • Band together with others.
    • Remember that you are NOT alone.
    • Play nicely.

  • Psychologists.
    • Counselors and psychologists can be very effective.
    • Screen and select one that embraces an integrated approach.

  • Medical Specialists.
    • Medical specialists are key personnel in diagnosis and treatment.
    • In some states, an AD/HD diagnosis is required from a qualified M.D. in order to be eligible for certain programs.  This can also vary with school districts.
    • Try to find a specialist that truly believes in an integrated approach to treatment.

6.   Do NOT give up!

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