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It's tough to give when you're all “drained out”.  It's extremely difficult to remain energetic and well balanced when day after day you face a relentless barrage of seemingly impossible challenges.  The result is stress-s-s-s, and it affects every one of us.  You can give it a different name, try to cover it up, or simply deny its existence, but it's still there – and every cell in your body knows it. With time, these cells, which do communicate with each other, will begin to plan a “work stoppage”.  If you haven't heard about it, listen more carefully to what your body is telling you.

One of the goals of this organization is to help kids by helping parents, teachers, and even health care professionals in better handling stress and optimizing their personal health.  The impact of chronic or severe stress from any cause can now be traced through the body to where it actually manifests in the chemistry of our cells.  Often times this occurs in the chemistry of our brains. When brain chemistry changes, it has a profound impact on the entire body, especially upon our electrical (neurological) system.  If the chemical changes are abnormal, severe, and/or chronic, the results can manifest in innumerable forms, including impaired cognitive function, physical disability, and disease.

Excessive or chronic depression and anxieties are very commonly found in caregivers and adults working with any disorder.  It is no different for those assisting people with AD/HD related symptoms.  It might seem strange to learn that both chronic depression and AD/HD are thought to have the same root cause, oxidative stress at the cellular level. The good news, however, is that the root cause of both these disorders can be treated (normally with significant success) with the same non-pharmaceutical therapies.  Learn more at MRE Associates: Depression.

Nevertheless, Paxil, Prozac, and Zoloft have now become more common than bubble gum and balloons.  In 2004, Zoloft was the sixth best-selling medication in the U.S., with over $3 billion in sales.

On the brighter side, a growing body of medical research from respected clinical trials, reports that omega-3 therapy has been as effective as Prozac in treating medically resistant depression.  Learn what the American Medical Association (AMA) and countless other well-respected sources recommend for stress reduction, depression, and numerous other neurologically related issues. Visit MRE Associates: AMA Speaks Out.

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